At Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead Minibus and Coach Hire we can provide safe transport for all birthday and children parties and all of our vehicles are equipped with child safety features.

Ascot racecourse could well be the best destination when it comes to birthday parties due to it being iconic and also has a capacity of well over three thousand as well. We all know that the venue is striking and further to this the facilities include the parkland, wireless technology, product areas, exhibition spaces, three hundred rooms, vast parking spaces and private dinning as well. So become part of the three hundred year heritage and make your enquire online and by telephone as well.

Another main venue includes The Lord Roberts Centre which is based in a very good area and is a modern looking black building of grey colour. Again this is a massive venue which has a catering facility for up to two thousand people. You can also check out the tailor made booking facility which is for two hundred and sixty people and can also be extended for one thousand and two hundred people as well.

Children must be supervised by adults at all times. Please contact our customer service team for any special arrangement.